The WhatsApp tool “360 ° Coach” supports employees in caring for members

Gyms often lack time, or human resources are depleted to respond quickly to important situations. Contact members who have not been to the facility for a long time, generate referrals or promote courses and nutrition programs. Until now, these points have required a huge amount of staff. A newly developed and automated WhatsApp tool can … Read more

How Neuro-Training Can Improve Eye And Neck Problems Caused By Screenwork

People who mainly perform screen work often have head and neck problems as well as eye problems caused by fatigue. Whether exercise through targeted strengthening and relaxation of the eye muscles has a positive effect on these symptoms was investigated in a DHfPG bachelor thesis. According to the Federal Statistical Office, already worked this year … Read more

Boutique studios: Where and how aesthetics are training lately

Yoga teaches Vanessa Muñoz-Pretzell gives her instructions in gentle but firm English. When the visitor obediently slides into the downward facing dog position, the muscles are relaxed and all the senses are strengthened. Through a hole in the white linen curtain, one can see a car being towed on the street outside, but that does … Read more

This speaks for a medical self-payment area

After completing a therapeutic treatment in physiotherapeutic practice, further medical health education in the self-paying field provides many benefits for both the patients and the clients as well as the therapists. These psychological, medical, exercise science and economic aspects should play a role in decision making and implementation – because they provide many opportunities for … Read more

Opportunities and repositioning of the fitness and health industry

Prof. Dr. Sarah Kobel heads the market research department at DHfPG and, thanks to her research projects, is very familiar with the needs of study operators and fitness customers. In an interview with fitness MANAGEMENT international, she explains what opportunities can be deduced for the industry based on the results of “key data from the … Read more

Move and actively improve your health with ‘Fitmach-Aktion’ in Saarland

Saarland’s Ministry of Health launched in collaboration with the German University of Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) as project manager and the Association for Prevention and Health in Saarland (PuGiS e. V.) as project partner “The Fitmach campaign: fit & healthy in Saarland”. . Using the network of fitness and health studios in the region, … Read more

Barbara Lohse (PRIME TIME fitness) provides valuable practical tips

Coordination training is often less popular among members as it usually does not cut a particularly good figure. Balance plays a vital role in health and long-term exercise success. In an interview, Barbara Lohse, Product Manager for PRIME TIME fitness, describes the potential of such offerings and explains how operators can create new, motivating training … Read more

successful sales strategies

If you want to convince in a sales talk, sign up for new memberships and generate more sales, you need much more than “just” sales talent. What counts are strong arguments, a customer-oriented sales strategy and, above all, a structured, needs-oriented advice. The following solutions show how studies can act even more purposefully. WHO sell … Read more

Youtube Trend: What are ASMR Videos?

ASMR: What does that mean? ASMR means or is the abbreviation for “Autonomic sensory meridian response”but there is no German translation for this term. In short, this will be one the dot in the head and a state of complete relaxation. This reaction of the body can be caused by various so-called “trigger” to be … Read more

Entrepreneur, mother and grandmother: Greta Silver redefines age and says “bye bye” to beige

Age – a complicated thing. For we certainly want to grow old, but be old? “Old” – this word is often associated with negative qualities, almost a swear word. Not so for Greta Silver, born in 1948, who took responsibility for her happiness into her own hands at a young age. The author, YouTuber, podcaster, … Read more