The thesis: young people no longer want to work

On Wednesdays only until 2 p.m., then there is yoga: baby boomers rarely want to work full time and on Fridays they often don’t want to work at all. The parents are also to blame. The balance between work life and private life is very important for the younger generations Photo: Imago images A Berlin … Read more

No time for training? Five tips for maximum fat burning without exercise

The human body starts burning fat when you use more energy than you get from your diet. Maintaining this calorie deficit is often time consuming and poses a challenge for many people. Because suddenly the working day is longer than expected, or you meet friends spontaneously. The actually planned training is then quickly cancelled. Of … Read more

How to make targeted savings in everyday life

July 15, 2022 at 17.32 Consumer and energy prices are rising : How to make targeted savings in everyday life A household book can help keep an eye on your finances. Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto / Rawpixel Düsseldorf Consumer prices are at their peak and energy costs could soon triple. The closest thing consumers … Read more

Save money in everyday life – 10 tips that are worth the most

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Health Guide by Philipp Lahm published by Südwest Verlag

How can the optimal balance between voltage and regeneration be found? How do you stay physically and mentally active? On the road to a healthy lifestyle, you can now get prominent support: ex-footballer Philipp Lahm has published a health guide. It contains not only lots of practical tips and exciting expert interviews, but also lots … Read more

THAT IS WHY relaxation is so important in everyday life

Eventually, everyone probably knows someone who has discovered yoga and other relaxation techniques. But what really happens to the trend? And is there really something for everyone? We give you an overview and show you why it is so important to take a break from everyday life. Integrating relaxation into everyday life: WHY it’s so … Read more