That is why the Maldives is a dream destination for everyone

14 May 2022 at 02.01 long-distance travel : Maldives – with a difference The beach idyll of Cora Cora makes the corona pandemic almost forgotten. Photo: Michael Juhran The Maldives is currently far ahead when it comes to long-distance travel from Germans. The all-round feel-good deals on the islands are often the same, but there … Read more

Myth “Wembley 1972”: The most beautiful DFB game ever

Myths “Wembley 1972” The best DFB game ever By Ben Redelings 29/4/2022, at 7:09 The evening of April 29, 1972 at London’s Wembley Stadium went down in German football history as the national team’s finest hour. After this unforgettable night, the world raved about a “dream football” from another planet. And a DFB player knew … Read more