with feelings and personal stories instead of data and facts

Far more than just a marketing trend, storytelling offers fitness and health businesses numerous brand management uses and benefits. You can find out what it is and how studios can stand out from the competition with authentic stories and strengthen their own brand with practical implementation impulses. Most fitness and health entrepreneurs have probably heard … Read more

FIBO and HYROX form a partnership and organize a fitness challenge in Cologne

In 2023, FIBO will expand its sports activities to include the HYROX fitness competition. Professional and amateur athletes compete in the FIBO halls in front of a motivating backdrop. FIBO Event Director Silke Frank sees many synergies in the new partnership and looks forward to the premiere from 13 to 16 April 2023 in Cologne. … Read more

Motivated members are the key to long-term success

In the highly competitive market, it has never been so difficult to motivate members in the long term. However, fitness studios offer decisive advantages compared to the digital competition. How can studios benefit from this? Motivated members visit her studio more often. Members who visit their studio stay more often longer loyal to their study. … Read more

Making mobility training profitable in the gym

Flexibility from head to toe – a wish that many course participants want to achieve with the help of classic stretching training. However, this form of exercise is often only used to warm up or cool down and is rarely designed to be attractive. But there is another way: with mobility training that is effective, … Read more

The women’s fitness chain Fru Sporty starts the care week with a voucher campaign

They are irreplaceable in our society, doing incredible things every day and investing a lot of physical and mental strength to be there for others who need help and support. What is meant is, of course, the nursing staff in elderly and nursing care. And that’s why the women’s fitness brand Mrs.Sporty decided to use … Read more

Various training offers from the fitness and health industry for the European Week of Sports

More exercise in Europe: Under the motto #BEACTIVE and a wide range of training offers from 23 to 30 September 2022, people across the continent will be motivated to exercise. DSSV presents EuropeActive’s campaign for the European Week of Sports in video and provides marketing and image material for download. Use the customer retention and … Read more

Demonstrate strength and endurance at the HYROX World Series of Fitness

HYROX is a fitness race consisting of eight one-kilometer runs alternating with eight different training sessions. With the HYROX partnership, members of the studios can prepare for the World Fitness Championships or prove their fitness with the HYROX Physical Fitness Test. Michael Wunderle, regional manager of the VeniceBeach and FitBase studios of the Pfitzenmeier Group, … Read more

How to counter the cost pressure in the gym

The fitness industry was particularly hard hit by the Corona crisis due to its subscription systems and government regulations. The closures resulting from regulation prevented the natural fluctuation from being compensated for, and it was also almost impossible to acquire new customers at pre-crisis levels. In addition, there is the applicable BGH judgment (Az. Xll … Read more