At the Ü77 tournament, tennis was once again in good company

31 July 2022 at 17.15 Club life in Wermelskirchen : Tennis in good company Three times 13: For the triplets Mats, Lasse and Janne (from left), her father had been looking for playing partners for the tournament – Holger Klammann (right) finally lined up with Janne. Photo: Theresa Demski Pohlhausen 42 teams competed against each … Read more

Tennis club pilot project: tennis for young children in Püttlingen

24 May 2022 at 16.59 Young tennis talents win with an unusual concept : Püttlingen pilot project: tennis for young children 4 pictures Pilot project at TC Püttlingen: tennis for small children Photo: Becker Bredel PUTTINGEN The youngsters can hardly walk when they are already running across the tennis court. “Play and fun are paramount,” … Read more