“Farmer looking for wife” – this is how the tricks behind the scenes are used: No straw? No problem … – TV

This is where you will find content from social networks In order to interact with or display content from social networks, we need your consent. activate social networks The dating format “Bauer sucht Frau” has been a cult for years. Fans love the spontaneity, the couple’s week on the farm and enjoying one or two … Read more

Gym: The verdict on corona lockdown strengthens members’ rights – finances

The gyms were closed for more than nine months during Corona. With an average contingent of 43 euros a month it gives an average of about 378 euros for nothing and again nothing … Instead of the money back, there are usually only vouchers or – for many gyms – free membership extensions. Often to … Read more

Don’t feel like overcrowded gyms? How to swim fit again | life and knowledge

Last summer was perfect for outdoor sports – especially for those who found busy gyms too unsafe, too crowded or simply too unfamiliar. The partly modest weather made it possible to stay longer outside without escaping from the heat. But summer is over and it’s getting too cold for real outdoor training. If you still … Read more