Munich: How the Corona crisis affects sport – Munich

The picture looks familiar, at least to anyone who is currently banished to their own four walls to practice sports. There is a chest of drawers on the left, a desk on the right, with just enough space on the floor in between for a blue mat. And on this lies Benjamin Weiderer now, gray … Read more

Munich: Gyms is preparing to open – Munich

Martin Hartner is the middle of seven children. If he took all his siblings and their parents to the training, his study on the Friedenstraße near the Ostbahnhof would already be half full. The head coach welcomes 16 customers to “Un1t”, the training community for functional fitness. He has not done so since October due … Read more

Outdoor sports offers in Munich – an overview – Munich

In addition to the many well-known reasons for not playing sports, a few more have been added this year: the hygiene regulations, which only allow limited team sports in the hall. The worry that you may be infected in the gym. And last but not least, the financial situation also plays a role: Those who … Read more