Support for Mayor Dörner in an impasse with Telekom

16 August 2022 at 21.50 The future still uncertain : Dörner supports Baskets in an impasse with Telekom A piece of paper for more intensity: the sheet of paper in Tuomas Iisalo’s bag is more than just a reminder. In order not to lose either time or intensity, the team tasks, for example, are meticulously … Read more

Basketball, national team: charges of forced labor against DBB supplier Peak

Status: 15/03/2022 08:00 The German national basketball team plays in jerseys from a Chinese outfitter. The company faces accusations of profiting from forced labor and the repression of Uighurs. Human rights violations in China remain a problem in the world of sports, even after the Beijing Olympics. The extent of relations with China and its … Read more

BVB, news and rumors: Dortmund sponsor criticizes weak season record

A Borussia Dortmund sponsor does not agree with BVB’s performance this season. Bayer Leverkusen apparently wins the race for a Dortmund transfer candidate. News and rumors about BVB can be found here. Here you can find even more rumors about BVB. BVB, News: Dortmund sponsor criticizes this season’s performance In the Bundesliga, BVB achieved the … Read more