Tennis – French Open: Kerber after a big match in round two – sports

Paris (AP) – First Angelique Kerber gave her friend Andrea Petkovic valuable tips, then the German number one fought her way into the second round at the French Open. Two days after his triumph at the Strasbourg tennis tournament, Kerber won over Pole Magdalena Frech in Paris thanks to an impressive energy performance of 1: … Read more

Munich: How the Corona crisis affects sport – Munich

The picture looks familiar, at least to anyone who is currently banished to their own four walls to practice sports. There is a chest of drawers on the left, a desk on the right, with just enough space on the floor in between for a blue mat. And on this lies Benjamin Weiderer now, gray … Read more

Paris, London, Sogne – Sport

When the men’s 30 Bundesliga starts on Saturday, there are a few questions: Will TC Bad Homburg play with Benjamin Becker and Rainer Schüttler? Is Tommy Haas in TC Großhesselohe right at the start at home against Ludwigshafen? (Answer: yes.) And who will MTTC Iphitos send into the race this time? The team from Aumeisterweg … Read more

Germany defeats Italy at ice hockey championships – Sport

Lukas Reichel has had an eventful week. Last Sunday, he was thrown out of the playoffs of the American Hockey League (AHL) with his club, the Rockford Ice Hogs. The so-called exit meetings followed, where he was likely given the prospect of further assignments in the NHL premium league for the upcoming season if he … Read more

Hertha BSC against HSV in the relegation: it looks gloomy – sport

If this Hertha BSC game had a face, it was Niklas Starks. It was a very sad face. And there was good reason for this grief when the midfielder appeared in the mixed zone at the Berlin Olympic Stadium on Thursday night. On the one hand, there was his personal pain in saying goodbye, for … Read more

Farewell to Eberl and Hütter: Gladbach is so rotten – Sport

When coach Adi Hütter told Borussia Mönchengladbach footballers in the locker room shortly after the season’s final match that he stopped after just one season, they got up and clapped. You can interpret it one way or another. Hütter interpreted it as an “emotional moment that I like to take with me”. There was little … Read more

FC Augsburg: Two dismissals in 24 hours – Sport

At the very end and in a small group, the question of a third farewell arose, which was less due to a desire for sensation than the surprising resignations of President Klaus Hofmann and coach Markus Weinzierl. The question was directed at Stefan Reuter and it was about how safe it was that he would … Read more

Hertha BSC in relegation: Magath’s prediction has come true – Sport

For the sake of the staff of all the Bundesliga clubs, there is a good ban on gambling, which right now means that Felix Magath must have lost a fortune. Magath, 68, took over as coach at Hertha BSC in mid-March. And since then, he has often expressed his firm belief that Hertha will end … Read more

Tennis in Rome: special cake for Djokovic – Sports

When Casper Ruud went to the net, he smiled. “I’m glad to have been a part of your story too,” the Norwegian said, shaking hands with his opponent. Novak Djokovic then shook Ruud’s shoulder slightly, then patted him on the chest and also laughed heartily as the TV camera captured it. It was a special … Read more

Promotion to third division: showdown between Essen and Münster – Sport

Football matches between the traditional North Rhine-Westphalian clubs Rot-Weiss Essen and Prussia Münster rarely go without serious riots, due to the bitter rivalry between two fan camps ready to escalate. It is therefore comforting that the emotionally hottest duel has long been held this Saturday over a distance of 70 kilometers. In the long-distance duel, … Read more