Lamar Jackson in the NFL: When $133 million isn’t enough

Lamar Jackson in the NFL: When 3 million isn’t enough

The Baltimore Ravens offered Lamar Jackson a new contract prior to the current season that promised him $274 million over six seasons. The quarterback declined because only $133 million of that amount would be guaranteed if signed. Crazy, you might think, but the really crazy thing is that both sides are doing the right thing, … Read more

Nations League: Spain throws Portugal and Ronaldo into a crisis of opinion

Maybe it really wasn’t the ideal time to be debating life planning. But it came as a surprise that Luis Enrique Martínez, Spain’s coach, looked defeated after the 1-0 victory. “Bah!” shouted Luis Enrique into the microphone of the Spanish television station TVE: “The future does not exist!” The outcry was the answer to a … Read more

Start of the basketball Bundesliga: hype? Boom? Or is it a niche? – Sports

Amazing things happened in Germany this late summer and it had to do with orange balls. A lot of people suddenly saw basketball, there was a European Championship in your own country and you just zapped into it. But when more than four million viewers at times watched RTL during the semi-final against Spain, it … Read more

Basketball: American additions to FC Bayern Munich to change – Sports

It is only three kilometers from the gymnasium of the Bruneck Realgymnasium to the 4-star superior Hotel Majestic with the beautiful address “Im Gelände 20”, but Andrea Trinchieri took a few minutes off on the bike every day at the South Tyrolean training camp Bayern. basketball player. He didn’t want to let the 100 or … Read more

Germany in the individual review: lost walkers in Leipzig – Sport

Marc-André ter Stegen Open detailed view (Photo: John MacDougall/AFP) Was referred to by some as the Prince Charles of the national team due to his eternal ambitions for the German Tor throne. This is obviously no longer sustainable. Charles will wear the crown as number three of his name, but ter Stegen will have to … Read more

Fürstenfeldbruck: The parking lot becomes a town square – Fürstenfeldbruck

It will become more beautiful and greener and an attractive meeting place for the residents of Fürstenfeldbruck: The city has presented plans for the redesign of the southern cattle market square. Politicians from all city council factions rated these as successful. For around 3.2 million euros, a parking lot for almost 30 cars is to … Read more

Victory at the US Open: Carlos Alcaraz is the best tennis player in the world

Carlos Alcaraz is the best tennis player in the world. The triumph at the US Open – he won the final against the Norwegian Casper Ruud 6:4, 2:6, 7:6 (1), 6:3 – catapulted the Spaniard to the top of the world rankings; at 19 years and 129 days, he is the youngest person in history … Read more

Interview with Ludwig Bitto: Why is there a men’s day in Grafing? – Ebersberg

Everything a man’s heart could desire is offered next Saturday, September 24, in Grafinger Kirchenstrasse. It’s “Men’s Day” again, for the third time, Grafing advertising organizes this event. Ludwig Bitto runs a hair salon in Grafing and since 2021 has been chairman of the announcement, which is an association of various companies engaged in retail … Read more

If the gas valve remains closed – sport

If you talk to Emanuel Fraitzl about the manicured grounds MTTC Iphitos walks, the CEO of the traditional Munich tennis club still notes subtleties that could be improved. Fraitzl feels obliged to offer Iphitos members an “oasis of well-being”. It is important for him to manage the balancing act to lead the very tradition-conscious club … Read more

First EC, now Champions League qualification: Bamberg’s captain Sengfelder. – Sports

Christian Sengfelder sat relaxed in the breakfast room of the team hotel in Berlin. The national basketball player looked back on an excellent performance against Hungary, Sengfelder was the top scorer with 22 points. The power forward was on the pitch for almost 30 minutes, which was to remain the only notable effort at the … Read more