The Oberliga club SG Nordsaar celebrates the victory in the first home game

June 27, 2022 at 17.36 tennis major league : “We’ve never had such an exciting match” Simon Junk, number one in SG Nordsaar, won his two singles on the double match day. For his team, however, it was only enough for one victory. Photo: Faber St. Wendel Tennis Oberliga club SG Nordsaar loses 4: 5 … Read more

Fitness training is essential for Albert Busek

The ‘iron virus’ is alive! Fitness veteran Albert Busek speaks in a personal comment about his somewhat different virus and the difficult time during the first corona quarantine. In his incomparable and authentic style, he solely explains why exercise means so much to the 76-year-old as a source of strength and elixir of life, and … Read more