Russian gymnast Ivan Kulyak was punished for the Z symbol

DRussian gymnast Ivan Kuljak has been banned for at least a year by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). It informs the association on Tuesday. Kulyak won bronze at the World Championships in Qatar in early March and wore a jersey with the letter ‘Z’ at the award ceremony on the podium along with Ukrainian winner … Read more

Lots of celebrities at the cosmetics awards ceremony in Düsseldorf

From kl. 15.04 | Reading time: 3 minutes Former world boxing champion Regina Halmich (left) and actress Tina Ruland Source: Katrin Hauter The Gloria Cosmetics Award was presented in Düsseldorf in the presence of many celebrities – for the first time also in the category of “survival work”. Beauty salon owners were honored for not … Read more

War in Ukraine and Corona Pandemic: Consequences for Basketball

Dthe pandemic has changed the market and caused economic losses, the war in Ukraine will also have consequences in this regard. But the dimensions have so far been less dramatic than feared. Bennet Ahnfeldt, Patrick King and Ingo Wolf came to this conclusion – three of the most important advisers in German basketball. They see … Read more

Russia: loophole found – the Football Association will turn its back on Europe

Football Change after sanctions Loophole found – Russia’s union wants to turn its back on Europe Status: 16.17 | Reading time: 2 minutes Shortly after Russia’s invasion in February, Uefa withdrew the Champions League final from St. Petersburg. More far-reaching sanctions followed Credit: pa / KEYSTONE / JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BOTT Russian national football teams will no … Read more

Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk – Yoga class dances pogo

War is not the place for good manners. “In war it is customary to use every advantage,” Shakespeare has the Earl of Norththumberland in his royal drama Henry VI. to say. Andriy Melnyk, Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany since 2015, seems to have taken the advice to heart. Whenever he can – and Melnyk can remarkably … Read more

Sport violates human rights: Vladimir Putin’s cynical champagne gala

Sport violates human rights Vladimir Putin’s cynical champagne gala By Tobias Nordman 27/04/2022, 09:55 Vladimir Putin is doing an extremely disturbing show together with selected Russian Olympic heroes in the Kremlin. The message of the event to the world: The president does not care. And he even becomes cynical in his remarks. Incomprehensible. Vladimir Putin … Read more

Mega yacht “Solandge” must leave the port of Hamburg | – News

Status: 04/05/2022 12:47 The mega yacht “Solandge” has been in the port of Hamburg for more than five months. According to information from NDR 90.3, she can now leave him again. There is probably no connection to a Russian oligarch. The 80 meter long yacht has been in the Blohm + Voss yard for inspection … Read more

“Yoga and Classical” in Dresden’s Kulturpalads

Last weekend in Dresden’s Kulturpalast: A woman dressed in white entered the stage. She carries a Ukrainian flag around her shoulders. The audience hesitates, only after a few moments does anyone dare to clap. Anastasia Shevchenko carefully removes the flag, puts it under the grand piano and goes to her yoga mat. Meditation in motion … Read more

Russia and Wimbledon: The Next Debate to Divide Tennis – Sports

Tennis has recently gained some experience with controversial debates: In January and February, it was primarily about Novak Djokovic’s lack of evidence of vaccination, which therefore had to leave Australia and was excluded from the tournament in Melbourne. The result was weeks of discussions about what gradually became so far-reaching that it came to the … Read more