Interview with Marco Wolter on positive reactions to the ‘Fitmach campaign’

Marco Wolter, studio operator of Fitness Loft Saarbrücken, also saw the need to get people back on track after the closures of his studio. Therefore, he and the participants welcome Saarland’s “Fitmach campaign” and welcome the positive effects. fM: Hr. Wolter, with Fitness Loft Saarbrücken you were one of the first studios in Saarland to … Read more

Fitness training is essential for Albert Busek

The ‘iron virus’ is alive! Fitness veteran Albert Busek speaks in a personal comment about his somewhat different virus and the difficult time during the first corona quarantine. In his incomparable and authentic style, he solely explains why exercise means so much to the 76-year-old as a source of strength and elixir of life, and … Read more

Gastronomy: Germany’s first vegan donut chain arrives in Hamburg

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