THAT IS WHY relaxation is so important in everyday life

Eventually, everyone probably knows someone who has discovered yoga and other relaxation techniques. But what really happens to the trend? And is there really something for everyone? We give you an overview and show you why it is so important to take a break from everyday life. Integrating relaxation into everyday life: WHY it’s so … Read more

Corona hotspot or basic protection – these rules apply in individual states

The federal government had announced it, now it is approaching: return to normalcy. The Corona rules, which have determined the daily lives of most citizens for the past two years, have largely been gone since early April. Showing vaccinations or test certificates in restaurants and wearing masks in supermarkets or stores is a thing of … Read more

Corona: Yoga expert from Gladbeck shows exercises for children

Gladbeck. In the garden, yoga expert Nina Arndt and her son Jack are battling boredom in the Corona crisis. The videos are available online – join! Lfjof Ljub- lfjof Tdivmf- lfjof Gsfvoef voe lfjo Tqpsu; Ljoefs usjggu ejf = tuspoh?[xbohtqbvtf=0tuspoh?- {v efs ebt =tuspoh?Dpspobwjsvt=0tuspoh? ejf Xfmu {xjohu- hbo{ cftpoefst ibsu/ Eb jtu =tuspoh?Lsfbujwjuåu=0tuspoh? hfgsbhu- vn … Read more

Yoga Challenge: How can I practice yoga for 30 days?

Updated on 26/08/2020 at 17:15 Doing yoga every day for 30 days certainly sounds like a big challenge to many. And so it is – even for people who practice yoga regularly. You can find more health topics here Yoga has many positive health effects: Yoga exercises not only strengthen the holistic body with its … Read more

“Yoga and Classical” in Dresden’s Kulturpalads

Last weekend in Dresden’s Kulturpalast: A woman dressed in white entered the stage. She carries a Ukrainian flag around her shoulders. The audience hesitates, only after a few moments does anyone dare to clap. Anastasia Shevchenko carefully removes the flag, puts it under the grand piano and goes to her yoga mat. Meditation in motion … Read more