With optimism in the regional league season

21 September 2022 at 14.08 basketball : Barmer TV: With optimism in the regional league season Against the BTV ladies after their promotion to the new season: (back from left) Franziska Goessmann, Melina Döring, Kassandra Kabadakis, Hanna Wischnitzki, , Rebecca Butgereit, (front from left) Luise Alius, Mona Goessmann Lena Eicker and Anna Marinkovic . Hannah … Read more

“Bittersweet”: Roger Federer says goodbye to tennis

Berlin. With a big declaration of love, Roger Federer said goodbye to his unique career. “Finally, to the game of tennis: I love you and will never leave you,” wrote the Swiss superstar at the end of his resignation, which moved many sports fans far beyond the world of tennis. AdUnit Mobile_Pos2 AdUnit Content_1 At … Read more

Neunkirchen loses the Aufsitegsspiel against Doggenburg

23 August 2022 at 15.19 tennis : In the end, tears flowed at TuS Neunkirchen Neunkirchen’s captain Sarah Blum made short work of her opponent Maja Vuzem. But it was not enough. After the championship in the Oberliga, the TuS women lost the promotion match against Doggenburg with 3:6. Photo: Steven Mohr/SSN Neunkirchen The tennis … Read more

300 plots of land for the upper Bavarian hinterland – sport

It was the last attempt. In 2015, third division club Wacker Burghausen wanted to break away Aleksandro Petrovic from regional division club TSV Buchbach, and Burghausen’s coach at the time, Uwe Wolf, was particularly adamant. But Petrovic had no desire to turn professional again. The fee, so frustrated Burghausen residents at the time, said that … Read more

TZ Sulzbachtal from Sulzbach reports Pavel Kotov for tennis regional league

June 24, 2022 at 10.28 tennis : Why the best player in the regional league is missing Pavel Kotov played at the ATP tournament in Dubai in February, where he failed to qualify. At the French Open in Paris, the Russian qualified in May, but then dropped out in the first round. The 23-year-old is … Read more

Dörfler promises world-class tennis

“We are dependent on an extremely strong team and want to at least confirm last season,” said Wolf-Dieter Dörfler, sports director at Rosenheim. Last year, the Innstadt team started the round furiously as a promotion team, finishing with a balanced balance and finishing in fifth place. “At the start in Großhesselohe, we will stand up … Read more

Bayer men bravely battle French Open contestants

June 1, 2022 at 10:56 Greetings from Roland Garros : Bayer men from Wuppertal are fighting bravely against French Open participants Gabriel Hidalgo gave a one-time guest appearance for the men’s 30s from Blau-Weiss Elberfeld on Ascension Day – with success. Photo: Michael Mutzberg Wuppertal The tennis men 30 from Blau-Weiss Elberfeld noted a victory … Read more

2-0 – VfB Oldenburg celebrates after promotion’s first match at BFC Dynamo | NDR.de – Sport

Status: 28/05/2022 15:57 VfB Oldenburg took a big step towards the third football series on Saturday. The champions of the North Regional League won the first match of the promotion with the champions of the North East Regional League BFC Dynamo 2-0 (1-0). by Martin Schneider Robert Zietarski was the brilliant man of the game. … Read more

Third Division play-offs: VfB Oldenburg will create a surprise | NDR.de – Sport

Status: 28/05/2022 10:02 The long-awaited return to professional football is close for VfB Oldenburg. After winning the championship in Regionalliga Nord, now awaits two duels with the northeast champion BFC Dynamo. Today, the first stage takes place in Berlin (in the livestream on NDR.de). 600 fans travel with us. BFC coach Christian Benbennek was there … Read more

VfB Oldenburg before third division play-offs: “Everything is possible” | NDR.de – Sport

Status: 25/05/2022 15:55 The long-awaited return to professional football is close for VfB Oldenburg. After winning the championship in Regionalliga Nord, now awaits two duels with the northeast champion BFC Dynamo. The first stage in Berlin takes place on Saturday (in the livestream on NDR.de). BFC coach Christian Benbennek was there on Saturday at Marschweg … Read more