Motivated members are the key to long-term success

In the highly competitive market, it has never been so difficult to motivate members in the long term. However, fitness studios offer decisive advantages compared to the digital competition. How can studios benefit from this? Motivated members visit her studio more often. Members who visit their studio stay more often longer loyal to their study. … Read more

Increase revenue and budget for paying instructors

Finding a budget for an appropriate reward remains a major hurdle for many studies. With the following five initiatives, studios can generate additional revenue to attract real rock star instructors to the studio and retain them in the long run. Rapid change is nothing new in the fitness industry. Has the last 20 years cheap … Read more

Additional services increase attractiveness – this is how dental practices increase their chances …

06/01/2022 – 10:12 Leo McGuire Osnabrück (ots) In many dental practices, key employees have resigned in recent years to follow offers from other employers. But the competition in the applicant market is fierce. If you want to fill vacancies, you need to make yourself known in a special way. As Leo McGuire knows, the work … Read more

Robin Steinheimer from Why craftsmanship is affected by digitization …

23/05/2022 – 13:59 Robin Steinheimer Taunusstein (ots) Robin Steinheimer is the founder and CEO of GmbH. It supports craft businesses in receiving more qualified applications from skilled workers. Here you can find out why classic recruitment initiatives almost never succeed, why many companies could fail, and how companies use the opportunities of digitalisation for … Read more