Upset after qualifying for Europe

May 7, 2022 at 19.10 Only Baumgart does not want to celebrate : Space attack in Cologne after qualifying for Europe 11 photos Cologne fans storm the pitch after qualifying for Europe Photo: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd In the previous year, 1. FC Köln only averted relegation from the Bundesliga in the relegation. The Rhinelanders … Read more

Good gadgets: The best fitness trackers 2021 in comparison

Good gadgets The best fitness trackers 2021 for comparison 6/6/2021 at 7:34 Many who want to stay in shape optimize their workout with fitness trackers. With their features, they help analyze the performance parameters and increase the performance. We present the best fitness trackers. They are called fitness trackers or wearables and are characterized by … Read more

Customize thanks to Youtube – is it possible?

Even during the corona lockdown last spring, Professor Theodor Stemper’s grandson had a regular training program. After morning homeschooling, she was to “mature” at 12:00, as she explained to her grandfather. Behind “Reif” is 24-year-old Pamela Reif from Karlsruhe, who has published several fitness videos on YouTube. About five million people follow her there and … Read more