“Cristiano Ronaldo was bloody annoying,” said Wayne Rooney

Wthe image of Cristiano Ronaldo as a teammate has been sketched again and again by a number of well-known companions over the years. They painted a picture of a man who trains a lot, is incredibly disciplined in his life, has an extraordinary sleep pattern and in whose presence, as has been heard from recent … Read more

Philipp Lahm World Cup 2022: “One wonders why Qatar was voted on”

Sport Philipp Lahm on the World Cup in 2022 “Of course you ask yourself why Qatar was voted on anyway” Status: 28/03/2022 | Reading time: 3 minutes Lahm calls for a new procedure for awarding the World Cup Philipp Lahm calls for a new selection process for the awarding of world championships. He is primarily … Read more