Gladbecker Yoga-Studio: With Youtube against the fear of life

Gladbeck. Because no one comes to the studio anymore, the studio comes home: yoga streaming as a struggle for existence! An example of self-employed in need. Opu nbdiu fsgjoefsjtdi- Fyjtufo {opu nbdiu hspà {ýhjh / Jshfoexp {xjtdifo ejftfo Hfnfohfmbhfo feiluboe cfj Ojob Bsoeu ejf Jeff- jisf Ejfotuf bc tpgpsu pomjof bof {vcjf b- vcjf. Tuvejp … Read more

Basketball – Steve Kerr: Coach with a clear position on gun laws – Sports

San Francisco (AP) – When Steve Kerr knocked on the table two weeks ago and showed his frustration and sadness over the recent shootings and the lax US gun laws, it came from his heart. The Golden State Warriors basketball coach, who currently plays the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals for their fourth championship … Read more

Lilly Becker’s Piers Morgan Interview: ‘Our Son Would Die To Finally See Him’ – People

This interview got under your skin! Lilly Becker (45) spoke on Tuesday night in the show “Piers Morgan Uncensored” by British TV host Piers Morgan (57) about the prison sentence for her husband and tennis legend Boris Becker (54). The man from Leimen was sentenced in London on Friday to two years and six months … Read more

Sympathy for Boris Becker after the prison sentence

London (AP) – Tennis legend Boris Becker (54) receives much sympathy after being sentenced to prison. “I’m sorry for Boris,” former football coach Reiner Calmund told Bild. “Boris has survived the toughest fights. I wish he would master this time too.” Becker’s former coach Günther Bosch told “Bild am Sonntag”: “As a tennis player, he … Read more

Boris Becker – A Fallen Legend – Folks

Two and a half years in prison for Boris Becker (54). While the world is largely stunned despite an expected harsh punishment, the tennis legend has to prepare for life behind bars. However, the verdict is not yet final. “Of course I will accept any verdict,” Boris Becker stressed in his latest interview in BILD … Read more

Boris Becker is going to jail: At 16.44 his world collapsed – people

This legal exchange ends with the bitterest defeat of his life. Former tennis star Boris Becker, 54, was sentenced to two years and six months in prison at Southwark Crown Court on Friday. A hammer penalty for the former sports star! In early April, a jury found Becker guilty of four out of 24 charges … Read more