Brother of the shooting-intensive perpetrator Nidal R. buried in Berlin – Panorama

Two brothers. Nidal and Mohamed R. had a lot in common. Both were fond of sports, Nidal R. pumped in the gym, Mohamed R. boxed and competed. And both ended up in bad company. First Nidal R. He committed so many crimes from an early age that the authorities in Berlin considered him the most … Read more

Sympathy for Boris Becker after the prison sentence

London (AP) – Tennis legend Boris Becker (54) receives much sympathy after being sentenced to prison. “I’m sorry for Boris,” former football coach Reiner Calmund told Bild. “Boris has survived the toughest fights. I wish he would master this time too.” Becker’s former coach Günther Bosch told “Bild am Sonntag”: “As a tennis player, he … Read more

Kuwait: Why women are protesting against the cancellation of a yoga class – Panorama

When temperatures are tolerable in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula in winter, the people of the region enjoy the leisure opportunities that the endless expanse offers: safari, shisha and barbecue by the campfire and a little sport in the morning. In Kuwait, however, things are very different, especially when it comes to women. A … Read more