Renovation work begins on the Bellermühlepark playground

23 July 2022 at 05.10 Leisure activities in Mönchengladbach : The Bellermühlepark playground is now being renovated On Friday, the Bellermühlepark playground was still open to everyone. Renovation work will soon begin there. Photo: Carsten Pfarr Monchengladbach The work will begin next week and is expected to last until November. Other playgrounds in the urban … Read more

Why the NRW 3×3 street basketball tour is important to Mönchengladbach

May 27, 2022 at 13.40 3×3 street basketball tour : Important advertising for basketball in Mönchengladbach There were three-on-three basketball matches at Hans Jonas Højskole both outside and in the sports hall. Photo: Yes / Knappe, Joerg (jkn) basketball “NRW3x3 Street Basketball Tour” visited Mönchengladbach this week. Although the number of registrations was manageable, the … Read more