Unobserved rule drama at the Red Bull box

( – In the Ferrari team’s zoom media call on Sunday night in Barcelona, ​​Mattia Binotto raised his eyebrows when asked by a journalist about the legality of the Red Bull RB18 at the Spanish Grand Prix. Too short before the start of the race, the Ferrari rivals – largely unnoticed by the public – … Read more

Formula 1 live ticker: Vettel robbed after Spain’s race

10:49 Steiner: The team messed up Schumacher’s strategy In Barcelona, ​​Mick Schumacher seemed ready for a good result after a strong start. But then the strategy did not work: Schumacher fell back, missing the top 10 and thus his first points. Team manager Günther Steiner admits: Looking back, the two-stop strategy with a long third … Read more

Can Mercedes fight for pole?

( – The qualification for the Spanish Grand Prix (from 16:00 in the Formula 1 live ticker) could be a three-way battle for pole position for the first time this season. For in addition to the favorites Ferrari and Red Bull, Mercedes was also able to confirm their improved form at the final training session … Read more

There is no contact pressure on the moon!

( – Sebastian Vettel rules out another career as a Formula 1 politician On the question of whether he could imagine becoming a politician in his life after Formula 1 after his highly acclaimed appearance on the British domestic political talk show ‘Question Time ‘, the 34-year-old laughs only and clarifies: “No.” © Motorsports pictures … Read more

What the FIA ​​rulebook says about Aston Martin’s “green Red Bull”.

( – With its new specification, Aston Martin aroused a lot of excitement in Barcelona last Friday. Because the B version of the AMR22 shows amazing similarities to the RB18, so it is already mockingly referred to as the “green Red Bull”. © Motorsports pictures Aston Martin AMR22 is the big topic of debate in … Read more

Helmut Marko suspects data theft by Aston Martin

( – That the “green Red Bull”, which Aston Martin presented in Barcelona as the in-house B version of the AMR22, was designed completely legally, Red Bull’s motorsport consultant Helmut Marko can not believe it. the best will in the world to introduce. The similarities between the two cars are just too striking, especially in … Read more

Ferrari updates in double best time

( – Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) secured the best time in the first free training session for the Spanish Grand Prix (Formula 1 2022 live in the ticker). The World Cup leader achieved a best time of 1: 19.828 minutes, which placed his teammates Carlos Sainz (+0.079) and Max Verstappen (Red Bull / + 0.336) in … Read more