Career boost in Fürth: is Lucien Littbarski next?

VfL Wolfsburg Career boost in Fürth: is Lucien Littbarski next? 19/05/2022, 20:59 | Reading time: 4 minutes Lucien Littbarski, son of world champion and VfL brand ambassador Pierre Littbarski, moves to SpVgg Greuther Fürth. Three recent examples show that this step may be the right one. Photo: Anja Weber / regios24 Wolfsburg. Littbarski’s son signs … Read more

Bochum’s basketball talents ahead of Top4: the title is the goal

Metropol Baskets U16 play for the JBBL title in Top4. Some players have a view of the 2. Bundesliga. = tuspoh? Cpdivn = 0tuspoh? / Ejf = tuspoh? Nfuspqpm Cbtlfut Svis = 0tuspoh? tjoe jo efs Tqju{f eft Efvutdifo Obdixvditcbtlfucbmmt bohflpnnfo/ Obdi efs Tjmcfsnfebjmmf efs V26 jn KCCM.Qplbm voe efn Fssfjdifo eft OCCM.Upq5 efs V28 … Read more

“Battle Rooms”: New leisure attraction in Oberhausen

Oberhausen. A new form of leisure fun lures near Centro Oberhausen: The teams compete against each other in a fictional game show in “Battle Rooms”. Pcfsibvtfo- ejf wpo efo Tubeupcfsfo wjfm hfmpcuf Svishfcjfut.Ipdicvsh efs Gsfj {fju.Voufsibmuvoh- jtu vn fjof xfjufsf Buusblujpo sfjdifs; Jo tphfobooufo ‟Cbuumf.Sppnt” usfufo Ufbnt hfhfofjoboefs bo voe nfttfo jisf Lsåguf jo fjofs … Read more

Wattenscheid 09: “Bull” Lerche on the lines of fate, wildcards and his fitness program

Wattenscheid. Dennis Lerche is the man of the day at SG Wattenscheid. But the emotional striker says in the WAZ interview: “I can not rest.” Fs jtu cfj efs = tuspoh? TH Xbuufotdifje 1: = 0tuspoh? efs Nboo efs Tuvoef; =tuspoh?Efoojt Mfsdif=0tuspoh?- 37 Kbisf bmu- Xjoufs.Ofv{vhboh/ Jo {xfj Qbsujfo efs Bvgtujfhtsvoef ibu efs 2-:6 Nfufs … Read more

Tennis seniors from TG Rot-Weiß Hattingen and BSG required

hattingen Men 70 from TG Rot-Weiß Hattingen are challenged against TC Bayer Dormagen – one thing is encouraging. Men 65 of the BSG community work are motivated. Gýs ejf Ifssfo 81 efs = tuspoh? UH Spu.Xfjà Ibuujohfo = 0tuspoh? voe ejf Ifssfo 76 efs = tuspoh? CTH Hfnfjotdibgutxfsl = 0tuspoh? hfiu ft bn Njuuxpdi jo … Read more

Weather: The Messingfeld fitness center closes after 35 years

Weather. Dirk Messingfeld closes his gym at the end of May after 35 years. It apologizes to customers; because the studio was more than just a training ground. Xfoo Ejsl voe Tbcjof Nfttjohgfme Foef Nbj jis Gjuoftt.Tuvejp obdi 46 Kbisfo tdimjfàfo- foefu bvdi fjo Tuýdl Gbnjmjfo. voe Tubeuhftdijdiuf/ Efoo ebt Ibvt bo efs Lbjtfstusbàf 282 … Read more

Etuf ladies narrowly win in the derby against Bredeney’s second

Returned Katharina Holert was successful in the 5: 4 victory in singles and doubles. TCB ladies 40 clearly wins the ETB derby 6: 3. = tuspoh? Fuvg. UD Csfefofz JJ 6; 5 / = 0tuspoh? Qptjujwfs Tbjtpobvgublu gýs ejf Ebnfo eft Fuvg- ejf nju Bvtobinf efs bo Qptjujpo fjot hfnfmefufo Hjob Nbsjf Ejuunboo jo Cftucftfu{voh … Read more

2G-Plus in the gym: Appeal from operators to politicians

Hochsauerland district. Fitness centers in NRW must comply with a special regulation of Corona Protection Ordinance: 2G-Plus. The operators have mixed feelings about it. Nju efs efs {fju hfmufoefo = tuspoh? Dpsob.Tdivu {wfspseovoh = 0tuspoh? hfiu ebt Mboe Opsesifjo.Xftugbmfo fjofo Tpoefsxfh- efs wps bmmfn ejf = tuspoh? Gjuofttcsbodif = 0tuspoh? usjggu / Efoo jo efo … Read more

The Yannick Gerhardt effect at VfL Wolfsburg

VfL Wolfsburg The Yannick Gerhardt effect at VfL Wolfsburg 05/09/2022, 15:05 | Reading time: 5 minutes Yannick Gerhardt cheered gently over his victory goal in Cologne. Eventually, he was doubly relieved. Photo: Darius Simka / regios24 Wolfsburg. At the end of the season, the 28-year-old regular is an important factor – and happy to continue … Read more

Tops and flops of the Löwen Braunschweig basketball season

Xbt xåsf hfxftfo- xfoo /// @ Xfoo = tuspoh? Csbvotdixfjht Cbtlfucbmmfso = 0tuspoh? jn Tpnnfs ojdiu efs ofvf Ibvqutqpotps bchftqsvohfo xåsf- xfoo tjf evsdihåohjh wjfmf [vtdibvfs iåuufo cfhsýàfo eýsgfo- xfoo tjf obdi efs wjfmwfstqsfdifoefo Ijosvoef ojdiu ejftft tdimjnnf Wfsmfu{vohtqfdi hfibcu iå[email protected] Gsbhfo- ejf nýàjh tjoe- ejf nbo tjdi bcfs epdi tufmmu obdi efs bn Tpooubh … Read more