The last bastions in Mönchengladbach are struggling with the challenges

29 September 2022 at 05.10 Former stronghold struggles with problems : The last bastions of basketball in Mönchengladbach The Odenkirchen Raiders start in the National Basketball League. Photo: Moritz List basketball Basketball as a club sport has been less developed in Mönchengladbach for years. The Odenkirchen Raiders are fighting for offspring, better conditions and promotion … Read more

How two firefighters can combine a job and competitive sport

31 August 2022 at 14.41 Fire and flame for football : How two firefighters can combine a job and competitive sport Ali Dailami (left) and Oliver Martin (right) work for Gladbach’s fire department and play in the GFL. Martin (left) can be seen blocking below. Photo: Sebastian Kalenberg American football Oliver Martin and Ali Dailami … Read more

The Mönchengladbacher Wolfpack are chasing the perfect season

30 August 2022 at 05.10 Football players celebrate the championship with the Devils : The wolf pack hunts for the “perfect season” The Wolfpack offense (black jerseys) was unstoppable in the 42:7 victory in the top game against the Gelsenkirchen Devils. Photo: Michael Kremers football Three games before the end of the season, the football … Read more

The NRW Junior Open in Mönchengladbach is back

12 August 2022 at 18.00 Famous tennis tournament in Mönchengladbach : The NRW Junior Open is back Tournament director Janka Piliar (center) with Angeline Wirges (left), the winner of the last event in 2019. Piliar has been in charge of the tournament since 2011. Photo: RW Mönchengladbach tennis The youth tennis tournament in TG Rot-Weiss … Read more

How Tim Sandkaulen of Gladbacher HTC works on his professional career

29 July 2022 at 05.10 Tim Sandkaulen from HTC Gladbach : Out of Mönchengladbach into the world of tennis professionals Tim Sandkaulen in action for Gladbacher HTC. Photo: Henrik Schmidt tennis Tim Sandkaulen is the local hero at Gladbacher HTC. This year, the 24-year-old debuts as a professional player, he gained the maturity for that … Read more

Refugees from Ukraine say thank you

27 July 2022 at 05.10 Meet at Chapeau Kultur in Mönchengladbach : Refugees from Ukraine say thank you SPD politician Ulrich Elsen and clown Antoschka also had to do laughter yoga. Photo: Rick, Markus (rick)/Markus Rick (rick) Monchengladbach At “Come Together” in Chapeau Kultur there were not only delicacies from Ukraine, but also laughter yoga … Read more

The fear of the 11.1 meter point

December 28, 2021 at 18.00 Sports facilities in Mönchengladbach : The fear of the 11.1 meter point Reporter Sebastian Kalenberg took a closer look at the Mönchengladbach sports facilities: He was pleased with the starting blocks in Vitusbad. Photo: Ilgner, Detlef (ilg) / Ilgner Detlef (ilg) Mönchengladbach Does the three meter high tower in Vitusbad … Read more

Why the NRW 3×3 street basketball tour is important to Mönchengladbach

May 27, 2022 at 13.40 3×3 street basketball tour : Important advertising for basketball in Mönchengladbach There were three-on-three basketball matches at Hans Jonas Højskole both outside and in the sports hall. Photo: Yes / Knappe, Joerg (jkn) basketball “NRW3x3 Street Basketball Tour” visited Mönchengladbach this week. Although the number of registrations was manageable, the … Read more

U23 coach Heiko Vogel is gone, Eugen Polanski takes over

May 18, 2022 at 16:02 successor is determined : Borussia differs from U23 coach Vogel 11 photos Borussia’s U23 coaches since 2000 Photo: Wiechmann, Dieter (dwi) updates Mönchengladbach Borussia Mönchengladbach’s U23s will also get a new head coach. As the club has now confirmed, the collaboration with Heiko Vogel will not continue. In the hunt … Read more