NFL: Mailbag at the start of the preseason: open duels

Can the Packers win a title despite their receiver’s question mark? Which team will be the surprise of the season? Which positional duels will be especially exciting, and is the hype about the Broncos too great? Which undrafted free agents could also make a surprising impact? SPOX-Editor Adrian Franke answers your questions about the start … Read more

No penalty for Tom Brady

Miami/Munich – A few weeks before the start of the 2022 regular season, the NFL has its latest scandal. At the heart of the action: the Miami Dolphins and their owner Stephen Ross. In 2019, the Florida franchise had talked without permission with superstar quarterback Tom Brady about a possible move to the southern United … Read more

Tom Brady and Miami Dolphins create scandal with illegal conversations

Twhether Brady likes the sun. That’s why two years ago, when he was looking for a new team in the National Football League (NFL) for the first time after two decades with the New England Patriots, he deliberately chose the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was looking forward to the good weather in Florida, he said … Read more

Brady and the Dolphins: Does flirting continue?

Munich – You have to look closely, because it flashes over Tom Brady’s face at lightning speed. It’s a second, nothing more, before his expression returns to pokerface. It was not yet a laugh, but an emphatic smile in the short time available. Coincidence? meaningless? Courtesy? Treacherous? The interesting thing is the combination with the … Read more

NFL Starter Series: Bills, Dolphins, Patriots and Jets

As before, there is already a clear favorite in the AFC East with the Buffalo Bills. Behind them, the Miami Dolphins are preparing to become the second strength in the division. The New England Patriots, on the other hand, are a mystery. The Bills were on the verge of reaching at least the AFC Championship … Read more

Sunday night football madness on the fourth of Advent

With only a few days left until Christmas, the NFL is far from calm between the playoffs, some major disruptions and the recent Covid chaos. Our Cover Them All Gameday Recap covers all of the NFL Sunday games in Week 15, including the big show from a young German football star, historic Baltimore milestones, and … Read more