Tactical check Spanish GP 2022: Strategy error

Tactical check Spanish GP 2022: Strategy error

The Spanish Grand Prix was a race with unanswered questions. Would Charles Leclerc have won without his engine failure? Was Sergio Perez not allowed or unable to win? Where would Lewis Hamilton have ended up if he had not had to make a forced pit stop after a inning? Would Valtteri Bottas have become number … Read more

Mercedes beats a Red Bull: finally a race car

Mercedes seems to have found the key to its jumping problem. Now the engineers still need to find lap times. The distance to one round is reduced from one second to six tenths. It was not the big breakthrough, but it was an important step. Mercedes appears to have jumped under control, putting a crucial … Read more

Mercedes is looking further: data against driver feeling

The statement is somehow telling. Mercedes finished the second training session in Miami in first and fourth place. The distance to Red Bull and Ferrari, which had previously been around one second per. turn, suddenly disappeared. Although the drivers in the cockpit did not notice a noticeable difference. “The car feels like me, but we … Read more