Yoga Challenge: How can I practice yoga for 30 days?

Updated on 26/08/2020 at 17:15 Doing yoga every day for 30 days certainly sounds like a big challenge to many. And so it is – even for people who practice yoga regularly. You can find more health topics here Yoga has many positive health effects: Yoga exercises not only strengthen the holistic body with its … Read more

Interview with Mady Morrison: The Best Tips for Yoga Beginners

sympathetic, sporty, open. Berlin yoga teacher Mady Morrsion has lived and loved her sport for 17 years. On YouTube, she shares this passion with her approximately 837,000 subscribers and regularly posts yoga and exercise videos. Mady talked to FIT FOR FUN about the importance of yoga, her favorite asanas, and the effects of Corona. She … Read more

Yoga for Beginners: The Best YouTube Videos for the Home

GAre you one of those people who does not have body tension at all and sometimes wakes up at night with a raging heart because you dreamed of doing floor exercises at school? Then you’re right here. Because: Thank you, Internet, for giving us countless gymnastics videos that you can use to do a little … Read more