Optimize the communication between brain and body

Optimize the communication between brain and body

Under the motto “Neurotraining – The game changer for performance in everyday life, office and sport”, Neuro Innovation Day on 18 September 2022 will for the first time deal with the various possible uses of neurocentric applications. To this end, the Artzt Institute, in collaboration with the German Academy of Neuro-Performance, has brought renowned experts … Read more

Interview with Marco Wolter on positive reactions to the ‘Fitmach campaign’

Marco Wolter, studio operator of Fitness Loft Saarbrücken, also saw the need to get people back on track after the closures of his studio. Therefore, he and the participants welcome Saarland’s “Fitmach campaign” and welcome the positive effects. fM: Hr. Wolter, with Fitness Loft Saarbrücken you were one of the first studios in Saarland to … Read more

Studying fitness economics leads up the career ladder

Selina Teusch wanted to combine fitness and management in her job. When she discovered the job advertisement for Sundhedscentret Fysiotræning Ruwertal on Facebook, she applied directly and has climbed the career ladder since she began her double bachelor’s degree in fitness economics at DHfPG. Today, Selina Teusch, just 26 years old, is an assistant to … Read more

Health Guide by Philipp Lahm published by Südwest Verlag

How can the optimal balance between voltage and regeneration be found? How do you stay physically and mentally active? On the road to a healthy lifestyle, you can now get prominent support: ex-footballer Philipp Lahm has published a health guide. It contains not only lots of practical tips and exciting expert interviews, but also lots … Read more

Quality of offers, staff and hygiene confirmed by BSA-Zert

Health Center Life is a large fitness and health studio with exercise area, cardio and wellness area, five circles and integrated physiotherapy practice in Bad Friedrichshall. Owner and study leader Christian Arnold and his deputy Richard ‘Richy’ Gogel-Beck place great emphasis on quality and have therefore decided on two of the four BSA-Zert certification programs. … Read more

How Succession in the Spirit 4 Club Succeeds

Successful generational leadership: The owner of SPIRIT4 Studios in Lower Franconia, Michael Klein, has found a suitable candidate in Felix Voigt, who is now passionate about the management task. In the interview, they talk about the benefits of working together, short lines of communication, unconditional trust, the courage to make mistakes and the same perspectives. … Read more

Increase revenue and budget for paying instructors

Finding a budget for an appropriate reward remains a major hurdle for many studies. With the following five initiatives, studios can generate additional revenue to attract real rock star instructors to the studio and retain them in the long run. Rapid change is nothing new in the fitness industry. Has the last 20 years cheap … Read more

Les Mills brings BODYCOMBAT to Metaverset

Immersive group fitness at the next level: Les Mills brings the popular martial arts training to the meta-verse with the BODYCOMBAT VR app. World-renowned presenters use virtual reality (VR) to create a new and ‘unearthly’ fitness experience. We will show you what it looks like concretely in impressive photos and in the video. That’s what … Read more

What fitness trends can we expect in 2022?

In the midst of a flurry of change, 2022 looks set to be a crucial year for the fitness industry. What does it take to be successful in the new fitness landscape? The main trends for 2022 point the way. The most important facts in brief: Which one fitness trends will it in 2022 form? … Read more

Discussion of infection risk: This is how the gym is safe

A study was recently published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, which deals with the general public COVID-19 infection process and theoretical risk of infection from various everyday activities ansat. In addition, the authors provide concrete Recommendations for action to minimize risk to different areas of public life. Based on the figures from this … Read more