BW: Exit the gym because of the 2G rule?

What does the 2G rule mean with regard to the notice period? Photo: Bihlmayer Photography / In the state government’s three-step plan to limit the corona pandemic, a 2G regulation is planned for, among other things, fitness studies. Can you cancel because of this? Since 16 September 2021, the exploitation of hospitals has been … Read more

High class women’s tennis at the DTB rankings tournament in Hachenburg

Announcement from 05/05/2022 By Wolfgang Rabsch A DTB ranking tournament for women in tennis was held at the TuS Hachenburg facility. Tournament leader Timo Müller was very pleased with the course of the tournament and the event. Photos: Wolfgang Rabsch (2) / private (organizer) (5) Hachenburg. Anyone who experiences tennis live will be amazed at … Read more

25 good alternatives to the gym (list)

It does not always have to be the gym around the corner. Photo: SeventyFour / In this article, we present 25 alternatives to the gym that you can use to train your endurance and strength. With their wide range of exercise equipment, fitness studios offer ideal conditions for training the body holistically. Neither strength … Read more

10 alternatives to pull-ups for the home and fitness center

What should you do if you do not have enough strength to do a pull-up? Photo: MilanMarkovic78 / In this article, we present you with a total of 10 alternatives to a pull-up, some of which you can do completely without a pull-up bar or equipment. 1. Pull-ups with elastic The best alternative to … Read more

What does the 2G rule mean for gyms?

Here you can find out how the 2G rule in Baden-Württemberg affects gyms. Photo: Halfpoint / The new Corona regulation has been in force in Baden-Württemberg since 16 September 2021. In the event of high hospital occupancy, a 2G regulation also applies, which severely restricts unvaccinated persons. You can find out what the 2G … Read more

Yoga, balanceboard and co .: You do not have to go to the front door for these ten sports – knowledge

Winter and Corona – not a good combination to keep the sporty New Year’s resolutions. We have gathered ten sports that keep you in shape and fun at home. Stuttgart – The year has hardly begun, when the sporty New Year’s resolutions are almost forgotten. Especially in the dark season, it is often difficult to … Read more

“Aerial Yoga”: MaJu in Altenkirchen offers a new form of yoga course

Announcement from 18.02.2022 By Wolfgang Rabsch Mandy Jung, the active triathlete and yoga therapist known far beyond Altenkirchen, and the team at the MaJu Institute in Altenkirchen have added a very special form to their yoga classes: Aerial Yoga. Participants literally learn to “take off”. With Aerial Yoga you … Read more

New yoga study in knowledge: “Yoga with Sarah”

Announcement from 13/02/2022 By Catherine Behner “Get on the mat!” – this is the motto of Sarah Arnold, who recently opened her yoga studio in Taubenstrasse in Knowledge. The now 40-year-old made his first contact with yoga at a young age. She has now turned her passion into a profession. … Read more