Hybrid smartwatches: 3 timeless models with modern functions

Withings, Garmin & Co. Hybrid Smartwatches: These 3 models score with timeless design 23/08/2022, 13:05 Smartwatches with touch displays look especially sporty and modern. If you prefer things to be timeless and smart, you don’t have to do without smart functions: these hybrid watches hide many technical functions under their classic look. Measuring the pulse, … Read more

Fitness meets Physio: Innovative business areas for studio operators

In the fitness sector, the concept of ‘hybrid’ since the Corona pandemic has been linked to the simultaneous provision of classic, analog training and digital training options, for example via livestream, app or on-demand. But originally, hybrid means ‘of two different origins’ or ‘composed of different things’. The term can therefore be perfectly applied to … Read more

Sports and wellness provider presents fitness trends for 2022

Hybrid offerings, holistic training, mixed sports and corporate sports – these are just some of the key fitness trends that Urban Sports Club predicts for 2022. One of Europe’s leading platforms for sports and wellness has analyzed its members’ training behavior from 2021. Hybrid offer for a hybrid work environment To sports behavior has contacted … Read more