with feelings and personal stories instead of data and facts

Far more than just a marketing trend, storytelling offers fitness and health businesses numerous brand management uses and benefits. You can find out what it is and how studios can stand out from the competition with authentic stories and strengthen their own brand with practical implementation impulses. Most fitness and health entrepreneurs have probably heard … Read more

FIBO and HYROX form a partnership and organize a fitness challenge in Cologne

In 2023, FIBO will expand its sports activities to include the HYROX fitness competition. Professional and amateur athletes compete in the FIBO halls in front of a motivating backdrop. FIBO Event Director Silke Frank sees many synergies in the new partnership and looks forward to the premiere from 13 to 16 April 2023 in Cologne. … Read more

Motivated members are the key to long-term success

In the highly competitive market, it has never been so difficult to motivate members in the long term. However, fitness studios offer decisive advantages compared to the digital competition. How can studios benefit from this? Motivated members visit her studio more often. Members who visit their studio stay more often longer loyal to their study. … Read more

Depression, burnout, ADHD: These apps want to help with mental health issues

Nthe Germans were mentally drained as they are today. Covid lockdowns, home office stress, health concerns, financial uncertainty – all these have left deep traces in the souls of many people. The consequences are fatal: the number of mental illnesses continues to reach new heights. In 2021, employees were on sick leave for an average … Read more

Mobile phones and health: How excessive smartphone use can make you sick – Panorama

The smartphone has become an integral part of many people’s lives. But heavy use of the device can be harmful to health. Experts clarify. By Phillip Kearney 22/08/2022 – 11:53 Quickly check something, exchange ideas with friends or listen to music on the go. The list of things that can be done with a smartphone … Read more

Healthy sleep, healthy back | Onetz

There is not the right amount of sleep, says Daniela Dotzler. “This is due to our biorhythm, which is very individual.” Symbolic image: Michaela Begsteiger – stock.adobe.com Dücjjqjcqxjiljq jcqi jcq cjcl qjiqijcljljj Dicqljx. Yx jcj cq ijq Yicll lx qjjcxxjq, cjl lüi Dxqcjlx Dclllji xxj Yicßjcqöqqixqq xjjxqiji Mcqlxl xqjiläjjlccq. Mccq jiqcljq lx jöqqjq, xx xx … Read more

Survey: Wellness and day spa of fitness studios 2022 / service, offers and …

25/08/2022 – 09:00 German Institute for Service Quality Hamburg (ots) Work out first in the training area and then slow down in the spa area? Thanks to an ambitious wellness concept, some fitness studios offer this attractive mix. And the wellness oases are not only open to club members – day visitors can also book … Read more

Smartwatches, sports watches and Co.: how accurately measure sleep trackers

What happens during sleep is the subject of research in many disciplines – we really don’t know much about it yet. It is common knowledge that you go through several stages. Science roughly distinguishes between two forms: REM sleep (also called dream sleep), where the eyes move a lot, and orthodox sleep (non-REM sleep). Since … Read more