Corona costs Germeringer TSV UG more than a thousand members – Fürstenfeldbruck

Corona has made its mark on sports clubs. They lost a lot of members after several lockdowns and restrictions. This was also the case with TSV Unterpfaffenhofen-Germering (TSV UG). But by far the district’s largest sports club has always been a special case. This is also the case in pandemic times – at least financially. … Read more

Fürstenfeldbruck – Muesli in Muckibude – Fürstenfeldbruck

By Heike A. Batzer, Fürstenfeldbruck The extension and remodeling of a gym in this case is not something that only concerns the developer, the licensing authorities and the athletes themselves. In the case of Hardy’s in Fürstenfeldbruck, it hits the whole city, because in the future the gym wants to open up to Viehmarktplatz and … Read more