BMW is completely dependent on sports cars

( – Mercedes is already in Formula 1, Audi is coming in 2026 and Porsche has not yet given up hope of finding a way into the leading class. These are three of the five best-known German car brands. The Volkswagen Group has ended all motorsport activities of its own brand Volkswagen. Only BMW is … Read more

Sebastian Vettel is so self-critical about his resignation

( – “The truth is, of course, that I’m no longer at the front.” Sebastian Vettel does not hide that he might not have quit now if he was still fighting for the world championship in Formula 1. But the real reasons for abandoning his career at the end of the 2022 season are different. … Read more

This is how Formula 1 planned its tough 24-race calendar for 2023

( – Formula 1’s 24-race calendar for 2023 bodes well for the current health of the series, but for many the schedule was a cause for concern. For those working in the paddock, it was the first indication of how many weekends will be spent away from home over the next year. © Motorsports images … Read more

Sauber team plans to announce (but not Audi yet)

( – The Swiss Sauber team has announced an “Announcement Coming Soon” on his Twitter feed Thursday morning, specifically for September 27. The tweet has the hashtag #KeepMakingHistory – meaning “Let’s keep making history!” © Giorgio Piola The Sauber team is planning an official announcement for September 27 zoom fetch In an earlier version of … Read more

Formula 1 live ticker: accusation of double standards for the 2023 racing calendar

12:59 p.m Meanwhile at Aston Martin Maybe you’ve already seen this video here, maybe not yet. In any case, take a look! Because we ask ourselves: How will things go at Aston Martin next year when Fernando Alonso takes over. Or rather: How should it work? And are prominent newcomers like Alonso really bringing the … Read more

Does Ferrari need a new team principal?

13:02 McLaren: Alonso with a bribe in 2007! This story is brilliant: Former McLaren mechanic Marc Priestley has revealed that Fernando Alonso used bribes in the form of envelopes filled with cash to get his way with Lewis Hamilton in the McLaren garage in 2007. “There was a moment in 2007 when Fernando turned up … Read more

Again fear of an accident with a torn chassis

( – On lap 26, the Formula 1 world froze for a brief moment as you watched Mick Schumachers split the Haas at the end of the pool passage. Memories of Romain Grosjean’s serious fire accident were brought back when Haas was also torn apart in two by the Frenchman’s crash in Bahrain in 2020. … Read more

Crash secures Leclerc pole at home!

( – Charles Leclerc withstood the pressure of the home race and secured pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix for the second time in a row (ran on Sunday from 2.45pm in the Formula 1 live ticker). The Ferrari driver set a best time of 1: 11.376 minutes, relegating his teammates Carlos Sainz and … Read more