Mercedes has not yet depreciated WM

16:53 Will all cars look (almost) the same from 2024? Many observers were surprised that there are so many different concepts in the field this year. But Aston Martin chief technology officer Andrew Green believes it will not stay that long. “Only now that all the concepts [aller Teams] are visible, it is possible to … Read more

The back wing in the championship match between Ferrari and Red Bull

( – Although the lap times between Red Bull and Ferrari are only marginal this year, both have taken a completely different approach to the setup. © Motorsports pictures At Ferrari and Red Bull, the focus is on the rear wing zoom fetch Red Bull seems to prefer a lower downforce approach on all tracks … Read more

Villeneuve sees a change of guard at Mercedes

12:48 p.m. 25 years ago today … … Rubens Barrichello finished second at the 1997 Monaco Grand Prix and took the first podium for the then new Stewart team. This is worth mentioning because the team later became Jaguar and has been competing as Red Bull since 2005. Barrichello’s podium was the first minor success … Read more

Observer Ocon blames asphalt for the Vettel-Schumacher accident

( – After his accident in the third free practice session, alpine pilot Esteban Ocon was unable to qualify, so he had to start from the pit track at the Miami Grand Prix. From there, he managed to catch up with eighth place and earned Alpine’s only points of the day. © Motorsports pictures Esteban … Read more

Does Latifi have to leave its cockpit in 2022?

15:42 Williams: Red hair for everyone? Funny Williams story: Before the race, Team Albon (jokingly) promised that if he finished in points again in Miami, everyone would have their hair dyed red. And as you know, he did! We are excited to see if this is actually implemented. We will at least follow the Williams … Read more

Esteban Ocon sharply criticizes race director Niels Wittich

( – FIA race director Niels Wittich is getting more and more criticism in Miami. After another big discussion about the jewelery ban and the right underwear this weekend – including creative signs of protest from Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel – Michael Masi’s sequel is due on Saturday due to another topic in the … Read more

Formula 1 live ticker: Is Ferrari unpredictable?

09:14 Vettel declares underpants protest With his underwear campaign, the four-time world champion caused a couple of laughs yesterday – even though not everyone found the campaign fun. “It was more of a gag,” he explains to ‘Sky’, adding: “I think the whole story is stupid anyway.” “We grew up somewhere and everyone should decide … Read more

Mercedes top, Verstappen & Sainz flop!

( – Welcome to Miami! The first training day on the new course in Florida, USA, was turbulent – and brought a surprising result. Because George Russell, in a Mercedes equipped with a new front and rear wing, set the fastest time of 1: 29.938 minutes in the second free practice, which was disrupted by … Read more

Formula 1 live ticker: Short-term DRS adjustment in Miami

21:57 More tomorrow! And that was it for Formula 1 Thursday from Miami. Stephen Ehlen thanks for your attention today! As usual, my colleague Ruben Zimmermann will take over at this point in the live ticker tomorrow, and I’ll switch back to the session live ticker for the rest of the event in Miami. So … Read more