Making mobility training profitable in the gym

Flexibility from head to toe – a wish that many course participants want to achieve with the help of classic stretching training. However, this form of exercise is often only used to warm up or cool down and is rarely designed to be attractive. But there is another way: with mobility training that is effective, … Read more

Power Yoga: What exactly is it? What is the difference to classical yoga?

Updated on 08/04/2022 at 13:50 Power Yoga is on everyone’s lips: The American variant of yoga is finding more and more followers worldwide. But what is the difference between Power Yoga and the traditional yoga varieties? We explain the special characteristics of Power Yoga, how the exercises in the active yoga style affect the body. … Read more

What fitness trends can we expect in 2022?

In the midst of a flurry of change, 2022 looks set to be a crucial year for the fitness industry. What does it take to be successful in the new fitness landscape? The main trends for 2022 point the way. The most important facts in brief: Which one fitness trends will it in 2022 form? … Read more

Fitness First and Berlin tech start-up offer personal trainers a new digital platform

Personal training in a digital context: Fitness First has launched a new platform for personal trainers. In addition, they can now offer their services via livestream and manage themselves. In this way, the coaches should gain more visibility and flexibility. Plus: photo gallery. The most important facts in brief: In response to the corona-related increase … Read more