Fitness in Stuttgart: Work out at home in the rental studio – Stuttgart

Many people know the fitness company’s premises from driving past. Photo: Lichtgut / Max Kovalenko At the end of the year, the fitness company closed its studio near Central Station. The industry is struggling with loss of members. “Home Gym” could be the future. Stuttgart – Fitness Company did not survive Corona. The Stuttgart-based company … Read more

Gyms in Leverkusen are struggling with the test duty

February 1, 2022 at 15.09 Pigdogs complicit : Gyms in Leverkusen are struggling with the test duty 2G-Plus in the gym: For some who want to exercise, the test duty for those who have not been boosted shows that they are complicit in their inner weakness – instead of pumping, they prefer to stay at … Read more

Corona: ETV, Meridian Spa, McFit – fitness centers cancel courses

Coronavirus in Hamburg ETV, Meridian Spa, McFit – gyms are cutting-hours 14/03/2020, 16:57 | Reading time: 4 minutes A woman listens intently to her fitness trainer. Due to the corona virus, this image is currently past in some studies. Photo: image / Westend61 Many clubs … Read more

This is how gyms create a distance of two and a half meters

Hamburg This is how gyms create a distance of two and a half meters 27/05/2020, 07:19 | Reading time: 5 minutes Genevieve Wood and Rainer Grünberg Fitness on the squash court: Kevin Nafar, a member of the management of Kaifu Lodge, is aware of the distance between the machines. Photo: … Read more

Hamburg fitness center offers tent training – after a legal dispute

Sports in Corona times After legal dispute: fitness center offers training in tents 17.01.2021, 17:41 | Reading time: 5 minutes Training under Corona conditions: The Prime Time gym in Hafencity has moved training outside to small event tents. Photo: Blombach / HA The Hamburg entrepreneur fights for survival in a … Read more

How gyms ask burgers to pay in lockdown

Hamburg. In fact, Sophia Schelbert just wanted to do a little for her health. Exercise of the whole body on Fitness chain Fit / One and that for 28 euros a month sounded good to the 23-year-old studying educational science in Hamburg. But the company’s behavior from Frankish Waldbrunn, as in the Hanseatic city a … Read more

Population health as a top priority in the corona pandemic

from a current study by DSSV e. V. – employers’ association for German fitness and health facilities, which is organized in collaboration with the German University of Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) and the industry magazine fitness MANAGEMENT international (fMi) was made scary numbers: As a result of politicians’ decision in favor of the 2G … Read more

Corona Hamburg: 2G or 3G? What athletes need to know now

Hamburg. Olaf Jessen was lucky Thursday night. The two young men he had to send home because they were able to present vaccination proof, but no identification card for identification showed understanding (“Sorry, we forgot”), returned and spared him the often long discussions. Jessen (55) runs the club and the club at Langenfelde S-Bahn station … Read more

Corona Hamburg: These clubs have lost the most members

corona “Threatening”: Dramatic decline in membership in Hamburg clubs 14/02/2022, 16:25 | Reading time: 6 minutes Hamburg’s sports clubs have lost many members in the corona pandemic. Photo: Roberto Pfeil / picture alliance / dpa Clubs and gyms are suffering from a corona decline. However, there is even an increase … Read more