Scary FIFA history lesson: World Cup hotels in Qatar reject homosexuals

Scary FIFA history lesson World Cup hotels in Qatar reject homosexuals By David Needy 13/05/2022, 06:55 Journalists pretending to be a gay couple are not allowed to book rooms at official FIFA World Cup hotels in Qatar. World President President Infantino creates a perfect world, but the danger to LGBTQI + people in Qatar is … Read more

FIFA will soon no longer be called FIFA

EThe first signs of the end of the partnership, which has now lasted 23 years, had already appeared in October. Now it’s official: By far the most popular video football game will no longer be called “FIFA” from 2023, but “EA Sports FC”, as the American video game provider Electronic Arts (EA) announced on Tuesday … Read more

“They get pride and dignity”: FIFA chief Infantino mocks workers in Qatar

“You give them pride and dignity” FIFA chief Infantino mocks workers in Qatar May 3, 2022, at 14.11 Thousands of immigrant workers die in connection with the construction of the infrastructure and stadiums for the World Cup. The criticism is high and insistent. However, FIFA President Gianni Infantino will not reach them. He tries his … Read more

Philipp Lahm World Cup 2022: “One wonders why Qatar was voted on”

Sport Philipp Lahm on the World Cup in 2022 “Of course you ask yourself why Qatar was voted on anyway” Status: 28/03/2022 | Reading time: 3 minutes Lahm calls for a new procedure for awarding the World Cup Philipp Lahm calls for a new selection process for the awarding of world championships. He is primarily … Read more