Adi Hütter and Markus Weinzierl announce their exit as coaches live on TV – Bundesliga

That has probably never happened in the history of the Bundesliga. Double coach hammer with last whistle of last match day. Both Adi Hütter (52) and Markus Weinzierl (47) stop as coaches of Borussia Mönchengladbach and FC Augsburg. Both said so after the final whistle of the match against Hoffenheim and Fürth on the Sky … Read more

Bayer boss retires: Sabrina Völler: “Rest will do my Rudolf good” – Bundesliga

One of our biggest football idols is retiring. Rudi Völler (62) has his farewell match as sports manager in Leverkusen on Saturday against Freiburg. The 1990 World Champion then switched to the Shareholder Committee and became the club ambassador. In PICTURE, his wife Sabrina (58) tells about the eventful life by Rudi’s side, which she … Read more

Schalke 04: Six truths about the promoted team – an analysis – the Bundesliga

Schalke’s last goal came eight minutes after the final whistle. At 10:34 p.m., the box in front of the north curve collapsed under the weight of a pair of fans sitting on the crossbar. At that time, goal scorer Simon Terodde (34/29 goals this season) had long ago broken all dams … Snot and water, … Read more