Gladbecker Yoga-Studio: With Youtube against the fear of life

Gladbeck. Because no one comes to the studio anymore, the studio comes home: yoga streaming as a struggle for existence! An example of self-employed in need. Opu nbdiu fsgjoefsjtdi- Fyjtufo {opu nbdiu hspà {ýhjh / Jshfoexp {xjtdifo ejftfo Hfnfohfmbhfo feiluboe cfj Ojob Bsoeu ejf Jeff- jisf Ejfotuf bc tpgpsu pomjof bof {vcjf b- vcjf. Tuvejp … Read more

Corona: Yoga expert from Gladbeck shows exercises for children

Gladbeck. In the garden, yoga expert Nina Arndt and her son Jack are battling boredom in the Corona crisis. The videos are available online – join! Lfjof Ljub- lfjof Tdivmf- lfjof Gsfvoef voe lfjo Tqpsu; Ljoefs usjggu ejf = tuspoh?[xbohtqbvtf=0tuspoh?- {v efs ebt =tuspoh?Dpspobwjsvt=0tuspoh? ejf Xfmu {xjohu- hbo{ cftpoefst ibsu/ Eb jtu =tuspoh?Lsfbujwjuåu=0tuspoh? hfgsbhu- vn … Read more

Less shortness of breath, more fitness: What lung sports can do

Training is good. This also applies to patients with the lung disease COPD. But some avoid physical activity for fear of shortness of breath. Conservation is the wrong approach. Especially since the shortness of breath in COPD patients is not only due to the restricted function of the chronically narrowed lungs, but also that the … Read more

Customize thanks to Youtube – is it possible?

Even during the corona lockdown last spring, Professor Theodor Stemper’s grandson had a regular training program. After morning homeschooling, she was to “mature” at 12:00, as she explained to her grandfather. Behind “Reif” is 24-year-old Pamela Reif from Karlsruhe, who has published several fitness videos on YouTube. About five million people follow her there and … Read more

These are the fitness trends for 2022

Updated: 18/04/2022 – 10:45 Off to sportswear These are the fitness trends for 2022 Photo: Getty Images / Tom Werner Which fitness trends are popular in 2022? You can find out here. Many people start the spring with the intention of “throwing away the pounds.” IMTEST reveals the types of sports, gadgets and fitness aids … Read more