Tennis club pilot project: tennis for young children in Püttlingen

24 May 2022 at 16.59 Young tennis talents win with an unusual concept : Püttlingen pilot project: tennis for young children 4 pictures Pilot project at TC Püttlingen: tennis for small children Photo: Becker Bredel PUTTINGEN The youngsters can hardly walk when they are already running across the tennis court. “Play and fun are paramount,” … Read more

This speaks for a medical self-payment area

After completing a therapeutic treatment in physiotherapeutic practice, further medical health education in the self-paying field provides many benefits for both the patients and the clients as well as the therapists. These psychological, medical, exercise science and economic aspects should play a role in decision making and implementation – because they provide many opportunities for … Read more

Opportunities and repositioning of the fitness and health industry

Prof. Dr. Sarah Kobel heads the market research department at DHfPG and, thanks to her research projects, is very familiar with the needs of study operators and fitness customers. In an interview with fitness MANAGEMENT international, she explains what opportunities can be deduced for the industry based on the results of “key data from the … Read more

Move and actively improve your health with ‘Fitmach-Aktion’ in Saarland

Saarland’s Ministry of Health launched in collaboration with the German University of Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) as project manager and the Association for Prevention and Health in Saarland (PuGiS e. V.) as project partner “The Fitmach campaign: fit & healthy in Saarland”. . Using the network of fitness and health studios in the region, … Read more

Which technology suits whom

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LES MILLS Global Fitness Report shows current customer needs

LES MILLS asked 12,157 consumers worldwide about their fitness habits and current needs. LES MILLS Global Fitness Report 2021 shows what the new ‘fitness landscape’ looks like after the two corona lockdowns, and what challenges gym operators face due to increasing customer demands. The most important facts in brief: LES MILLS Global Fitness Report 2021 … Read more

25 good alternatives to the gym (list)

It does not always have to be the gym around the corner. Photo: SeventyFour / In this article, we present 25 alternatives to the gym that you can use to train your endurance and strength. With their wide range of exercise equipment, fitness studios offer ideal conditions for training the body holistically. Neither strength … Read more

10 alternatives to pull-ups for the home and fitness center

What should you do if you do not have enough strength to do a pull-up? Photo: MilanMarkovic78 / In this article, we present you with a total of 10 alternatives to a pull-up, some of which you can do completely without a pull-up bar or equipment. 1. Pull-ups with elastic The best alternative to … Read more

Limbach local council ready for more fitness for all

April 27, 2022 at 11.10 New training offers in Limbach : The city council ready for more fitness for everyone The first step has been taken, the Limbach municipal council has given its basic “yes” to TV Limbach’s plans to establish a new public fitness facility on the school’s sports field. Photo: Thorsten Wolf Limbach … Read more

Deloitte interview on “key data from the German fitness industry 2022”

The Corona pandemic has increased the need for flexibility among customers. A combination of training in the gym, at home and outdoors is in high demand. Stefan Ludwig and Christian Rump (Deloitte GmbH) talk about other trends that can be observed in Germany and Europe in an interview on “key data for the German fitness … Read more