NFL: The new market for wide receivers

The market situation for wide receivers has changed markedly, especially in this NFL offseason. Their importance has grown and it is now easier for some teams to give up any stars. The reasons for this are complex. The 2022 offseason was unlike any other offseason in recent memory. The current offseason is marked by aggressive … Read more

Blockbuster trades and free agent madness: Five questions about the balance of power between the AFC and the NFC

In addition to the season, there have been some big trades so far, and a number of well-known free agents have joined a new team. The balance of power between the AFC and the NFC should have changed a lot as a result. We look at the teams that have upgraded the most, the shifts … Read more

NFL: Madness in the AFC West

The Las Vegas Raiders have shown they want to play in a strong AFC West with the signing of Chandler Jones and the blockbuster deal for Davante Adams. What chances does the team from Sin City have for the playoffs – and what are the construction sites in the squad? The first major domino to … Read more