Gladbecker Yoga-Studio: With Youtube against the fear of life

Gladbeck. Because no one comes to the studio anymore, the studio comes home: yoga streaming as a struggle for existence! An example of self-employed in need. Opu nbdiu fsgjoefsjtdi- Fyjtufo {opu nbdiu hspà {ýhjh / Jshfoexp {xjtdifo ejftfo Hfnfohfmbhfo feiluboe cfj Ojob Bsoeu ejf Jeff- jisf Ejfotuf bc tpgpsu pomjof bof {vcjf b- vcjf. Tuvejp … Read more

This speaks for a medical self-payment area

After completing a therapeutic treatment in physiotherapeutic practice, further medical health education in the self-paying field provides many benefits for both the patients and the clients as well as the therapists. These psychological, medical, exercise science and economic aspects should play a role in decision making and implementation – because they provide many opportunities for … Read more

Conrad in Bonn – The last days in the hobbyist’s paradise

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LES MILLS Global Fitness Report shows current customer needs

LES MILLS asked 12,157 consumers worldwide about their fitness habits and current needs. LES MILLS Global Fitness Report 2021 shows what the new ‘fitness landscape’ looks like after the two corona lockdowns, and what challenges gym operators face due to increasing customer demands. The most important facts in brief: LES MILLS Global Fitness Report 2021 … Read more

Gyms in Leverkusen are struggling with the test duty

February 1, 2022 at 15.09 Pigdogs complicit : Gyms in Leverkusen are struggling with the test duty 2G-Plus in the gym: For some who want to exercise, the test duty for those who have not been boosted shows that they are complicit in their inner weakness – instead of pumping, they prefer to stay at … Read more