Gym closed due to Corona – is there a refund?

In order to slow down the spread of the new type of corona virus and thereby relieve the health system, the federal government has, among other things, ensured that all fitness centers throughout Germany remain closed indefinitely. This leaves fitness junkies and bodybuilders with one big question in particular: do you get your money back … Read more

Fitness in Stuttgart: Work out at home in the rental studio – Stuttgart

Many people know the fitness company’s premises from driving past. Photo: Lichtgut / Max Kovalenko At the end of the year, the fitness company closed its studio near Central Station. The industry is struggling with loss of members. “Home Gym” could be the future. Stuttgart – Fitness Company did not survive Corona. The Stuttgart-based company … Read more

Three federal states exempt people from 2-G-Plus with boosters

WIf it has already been boosted, it will be exempted from the obligation to test in Lower Saxony, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate from Saturday. The Ministry of Social Affairs in Hanover announced on Friday that people who had been vaccinated against Corona three times could then visit facilities with a 2G-Plus rule without a test. You … Read more

Corona: Indoor sports in Hamburg only under 2G |

Status: 16/11/2021 18:11 In light of the rising coronatal, the Hamburg Senate has decided on stricter rules for public life. It also affects mass sports, where a 2G regulation will apply across the board in closed rooms from Saturday. The red-green Senate eliminated the 3G model in a number of areas and instead made 2G … Read more

War in Ukraine and Corona Pandemic: Consequences for Basketball

Dthe pandemic has changed the market and caused economic losses, the war in Ukraine will also have consequences in this regard. But the dimensions have so far been less dramatic than feared. Bennet Ahnfeldt, Patrick King and Ingo Wolf came to this conclusion – three of the most important advisers in German basketball. They see … Read more

National team: Süle Corona positive – Arnold and Baku nominated – Sport

Status: 09.11.2021 18:39 Niklas Süle tested positive for the corona virus on the German national team. A total of five players were to be quarantined. Among others, Maximilian Arnold and Ridle Baku have been nominated for the upcoming national matches. National team director Oliver Bierhoff confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that Süle was tested positive after … Read more

BW: Exit the gym because of the 2G rule?

What does the 2G rule mean with regard to the notice period? Photo: Bihlmayer Photography / In the state government’s three-step plan to limit the corona pandemic, a 2G regulation is planned for, among other things, fitness studies. Can you cancel because of this? Since 16 September 2021, the exploitation of hospitals has been … Read more

Corona in MV: questions and answers about the rules of the land | – News

Since Thursday (April 28), only the basic corona protection measures have been in force in MV. Masks are now only mandatory in the following areas: in public transport in hospitals and nursing homes when vulnerable groups are affected The state government largely repealed the 3G rule in MV this Easter. Most recently, tourists who are … Read more

Fitness subsidy: BGH agrees with the plaintiff – finances

The fitness centers have long since reopened. But a dispute from the time of the Corona-related closures still awaited binding clarification: Can customers claim their money back? Now the Federal Court of Justice (BGH), the final instance in such questions, has given an answer – a clear yes. A plaintiff from the Papenburg area had … Read more