Gym: The verdict on corona lockdown strengthens members’ rights – finances

The gyms were closed for more than nine months during Corona. With an average contingent of 43 euros a month it gives an average of about 378 euros for nothing and again nothing … Instead of the money back, there are usually only vouchers or – for many gyms – free membership extensions. Often to … Read more

Get up off the couch: Everything in balance with yoga

Uschi Prechtl is a yoga teacher from Kemnath. Sixth section Getting up off the couch is all about yoga. The ancient Indian training system is far more than just sports. Used throughout life, relaxation exercises can have a positive effect on body and mind. Photo: Alexander Unger Mlj Zlci Alcqjc ijx Zicclj Yiilqqi-Aixc Qxci Accjlqcl … Read more