The NFL still hasn’t learned anything

“Punt God” Matt Araiza was fired by the Buffalo Bills after he was accused of sexually assaulting a minor in a civil lawsuit filed this week. What at first glance seems like the right response was ultimately due only to public pressure. A comment from SPOX editor Marcus Blumberg. Of course, the Buffalo Bills ultimately … Read more

Arizona Cardinals Kyler Murray Theater Commentary: Unspeakable spectacle of bruised egos

The Arizona Cardinals and Kyler Murray have both not covered each other in glory this offseason, but they eventually reunited and negotiated a new contract. What followed was a completely unnecessary night move by the team, which will leave its mark. A comment from SPOX-Editor Marcus Blumberg. In fact, everything was clear. The Arizona Cardinals … Read more

Sweating instead of thinking |

If I told you that the problem with the climate crisis is office jobs, you would probably think I was expelling incoherent things. In addition, as a journalist, I myself have an office job. But everything from the beginning. I usually go to the train station around 7.30am and like so many others I am … Read more

Fitness training is essential for Albert Busek

The ‘iron virus’ is alive! Fitness veteran Albert Busek speaks in a personal comment about his somewhat different virus and the difficult time during the first corona quarantine. In his incomparable and authentic style, he solely explains why exercise means so much to the 76-year-old as a source of strength and elixir of life, and … Read more

Pros and Cons of the Dallas Mavericks Future: Are the Fat Years Coming, or Will the Mavs Do Like Atlanta?

The Dallas Mavericks season is over – much later than most expected before the start of the playoffs. Is it a foretaste of several good years, or will the run be a glimpse in the forehead? Pros and cons. PRO: Dallas Mavericks – A Taste of the Fat Years By Philip Jacob You should look … Read more