Is Boris Becker going to jail? The London court announces judgment

Updated on 29/04/2022 07:16 A jury found German ex-tennis star Boris Becker guilty of 4 out of 24 charges. But what are the consequences? Now the judge in London announces the verdict. You can find more panorama themes here Fateful day for a tennis legend: In the criminal case against Boris Becker, the verdict is … Read more

Trial against former tennis professional Boris Becker in London

Updated on 29/03/2022, 16:15 There are 24 charges against Boris Becker in a lawsuit in London. The former tennis professional is said to have withheld accounts, real estate and trophies from his insolvency administrator. Becker explains in court that he did not deal with his finances: “I was busy traveling the world and playing tennis.” … Read more