Club Intel Report identifies four fitness personas

Market research institute Club Intel has released a new report entitled ‘Optimizing personalization using fitness personas’. The study defines four important types of fitness study visitors and provides valuable information for target group-specific marketing as well as customer-oriented training and service offerings. The most important facts in brief: Practical market research: New report from Club … Read more

Pilot study compares digital training with fitness training in the gym

A direct comparison of the gym and digital training: As part of a pilot study, LES MILLS Research Lab compared the perceived effort and fun of a lifetime in the gym with the effect of the digital format of the same workout at home – and came up with surprising results. One class in the … Read more

Four instructors and their journey to LES MILLS as part of the LGBT + community

As the Pride month of June draws to a close, Les Mills shares inspiring stories from four instructors as part of the LGBTQIA + fitness community. Because the diversity of people can be celebrated all year round. Story 1: Otto Prodan – Everyone must live their lives Otto Prodan grew up in one religious family … Read more

Fitness: 100 push-ups for 30 days – that’s how my body changed

letpel ueek peO Pntplekeu, lu pel Zllleapoenpe, pelO Poeelelaeua -upel enek eO Plleup. Pu plepel Plette pel elu velelel, aeue oelpoutlekel Uullelt aeueuul: lek plluae t2 GltualeOO ent ple Veeae, Onpp etpu ulekl nuatenptlek ulet 6evlekl pleOOeu. Zelue holoeltleke Pnpaeuapteae: lek plu 2b Iekle etl, pekteuh nup tll. lek llelpe aelue Poull, aeke ulete Veae … Read more

Fitness training as active health care

As an education and research partner for DSSV e. V. – the employers’ association for German fitness and health facilities, the German University of Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) prepared the second scientific article in October 2021. The results were presented to the health committee and met with great interest. Monika Bachmann (CDU), Saarland’s Minister … Read more

Inactivity has major costs for business and governments

Fit citizens are cheaper: The Global Health & Fitness Alliance (GHFA) in collaboration with IHRSA has published a report from Deloitte showing the social and economic value of the global health and fitness industry. The most important facts in brief: Here we go! Background and detailed information: The report “Economic health and societal well-being: quantifying … Read more

Optimize the communication between brain and body

Under the motto “Neurotraining – The game changer for performance in everyday life, office and sport”, Neuro Innovation Day on 18 September 2022 will for the first time deal with the various possible uses of neurocentric applications. To this end, the Artzt Institute, in collaboration with the German Academy of Neuro-Performance, has brought renowned experts … Read more

Yoga: Therefore, it is time for partner exercises on the mat

“It takes teamwork and collaboration,” says yoga teacher and WELT columnist Sarah Stork Source: Melanie Haack , puupelu uuu pel Puluue-BeupeOle. Be kett pep eltelule Guueeol, aeue pel place and ptelpeu, peO elueu uuek anl. BeO eupeleu tlet ep lu Pupelleekl pel ueneu Pllnelluu Oll ett lkleu Felenptulpelnuaeu nup pel Zeekllekleuttnl pekvel. Bp plenekl IeeOvulh. … Read more

Interview with Marco Wolter on positive reactions to the ‘Fitmach campaign’

Marco Wolter, studio operator of Fitness Loft Saarbrücken, also saw the need to get people back on track after the closures of his studio. Therefore, he and the participants welcome Saarland’s “Fitmach campaign” and welcome the positive effects. fM: Hr. Wolter, with Fitness Loft Saarbrücken you were one of the first studios in Saarland to … Read more