What is the difference between yoga and power yoga?

Updated on 26/08/2020 at 15:25 We explain the characteristics of Power Yoga, how the exercises in the active yoga style affect the body and what the differences to “classical” yoga are. You can find more health topics here Power Yoga is an American variant of the very traditional Ashtanga Yoga. The founder of modern power … Read more

How to exploit the potential of EMS training in gyms most effectively

EMS training has been a successful model for many years. “Key data for the German fitness industry” shows disproportionate growth year after year for micro-studies with the EMS offer. And more and more classic fitness and health providers are also integrating EMS into their offerings. But does this kind of education have the status it … Read more

What factors make EMS training successful? Interview with Nathalie Hütsch (body shapes)

Benefits of the EMS training method, success factors, target groups and the study operators’ perspectives. Nathalie Hütsch runs two EMS studios in Bornheim as a franchisee of body shapes. We talked to her. that Form of training EMS offers many advantage. In ‘Practice Check EMS Training’ we have checked if and how this “HP” can … Read more