Berlin is currently the hottest team, tearful farewell from Günther and Pleiss with Efes in the final

Munich (ots) – Moving, tear-soaked goodbye to Per Günther with the 500th BBL in the 79:97 defeat against Ludwigsburg. Günther was a little annoyed by so many applause: “I thought it was unworthy of the crowd and the team this year. I’m glad we did not give up completely in the second half!” The MHP … Read more

Tennis: The world elite is celebrated in Berlin

Tennis tournament in Berlin Tennis: The world elite is celebrated in Berlin 17/05/2022, 18:09 | Reading time: 4 minutes World number one Iga Swiatek has just won in Rome and will soon be competing in Berlin. Photo: Andreas Solaro / AFP In the second year after the new edition of the women’s tournament, the event … Read more

Alba Berlin can also be different

Alba Berlin Alba Berlin can also be different 15/05/2022, 20:15 | Reading time: 4 minutes High five in Alba Berlin after the second win against Bamberg: Malte Delow (right) and Maodo Lo seem satisfied. Photo: O.Behrendt / image alliance / contrast photo In the second quarter final between Alba Berlin and Bamberg, the game was … Read more

This is how the HTC Ladies from Gladbach started

May 9, 2022 at 17.00 Kick-off for the GHTC women in the 2nd tennis Bundesliga : Lesson in Berlin and tie-break drama against Hanover In their first appearance in the second division at home, the GHTC narrowly lost the women’s tennis team to DTV Hannover. The first bankruptcy started in Berlin on Friday. Photo: Susanne … Read more

Keeper Zoff in the Bundesliga: Hertha is said to extend with a new BVB signing

Updated on 05/05/2022 13:42 Marcel Lotka was supposed to move to Borussia Dortmund this summer – but now Hertha’s goalkeeper has secretly extended in Berlin. There is a risk of a stalemate and a legal aftermath. More current news about Borussia Dortmund can be found here It could be something on the last match day: … Read more

Brother of the shooting-intensive perpetrator Nidal R. buried in Berlin – Panorama

Two brothers. Nidal and Mohamed R. had a lot in common. Both were fond of sports, Nidal R. pumped in the gym, Mohamed R. boxed and competed. And both ended up in bad company. First Nidal R. He committed so many crimes from an early age that the authorities in Berlin considered him the most … Read more

The former Carossa district is officially renamed

Hakenfelde The former Carossa district is officially renamed 03.05.2022, 13:30 | Reading time: 3 minutes This is what the new neighborhoods around the former aircraft factory should look like. Completion is scheduled for 2024. Photo: Kauri Cab Investor Kauri Cab is building 1,800 rental apartments on the site of the former aircraft equipment factory. And … Read more

Tamir Blatt has arrived at Alba Berlin

Alba Berlin Tamir Blatt has arrived at Alba Berlin 29/04/2022, 16:54 | Reading time: 5 minutes Two European playmaker talents: Tamir Blatt (left) from Alba Berlin and Barcelona’s Rokas Jokubaitis. Photo: Andreas Gora / picture alliance / dpa After a difficult start, Tamir Blatt is becoming increasingly important for Alba Berlin. His father and his … Read more

“I want to honor my family and my ancestors”

Yovel Zoosman, you played with your grandmother’s name on your back in Alba Berlin’s Bundesliga match against Hamburg on Wednesday, Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. Who’s Liba yesterday? She was born in Warsaw and belonged to a group called the Children of Tehran. She and her sister are the only survivors in her family from the … Read more

Grateful for the broken shoulder – Berliner Morgenpost

The living and the dead Thank you for breaking your shoulder Updated: 24-04-2022 07:48 | Reading time: 6 minutes Erich Rauschenbach is quite pleased with its general condition. Photo: Christian Schultz The cartoonist Erich Rauschenbach found it crazy to go to the gym – until he became one himself. Fsjdi … Read more