Snooker World Championship, Ronnie O’Sullivan: “I Have This Belief in Myself”

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Zverev loses the final against Bublik

DAlexander Zverev’s mission to rectify Melbourne was not entirely successful. About two weeks after his disappointing knockout round at the Australia Open, the Olympic champion missed his first title of the year at the tennis tournament in Montpellier. Zverev lost in the final against Kazakh Alexander Bublik 4: 6, 3: 6 on Sunday, but gained … Read more

Tennis – Zverev not alone – freaks in tennis pile up – sports

Miami (AP) – Former world-class tennis player Andy Roddick makes fun of it. The American took the fact that tennis professionals have embroidered quite recently, as an opportunity to shoot a short guide. The 39-year-old explains in the video how to throw a bat and hit a ball without getting into trouble. His little lesson … Read more

Ronnie O’Sullivan: “I have this belief in myself. This allows me to endure almost anything”

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Australia’s tennis star – “New Dreams”: Ash Barty ends his career as number one

Sydney (AP) – Ashleigh Barty explained bravely and in remarkable words for just over five minutes why she surprisingly ended her career a month before her 26th birthday and wanted to “chase other dreams” in the future. At the end of his resignation announcement, number one in the world rankings in tennis had to cry. … Read more