NFL: rules, favorites, TV broadcast – all important information about American football

Updated on 07/09/2021 at 14:32 The 2021 NFL season begins the night between Sept. 9 and 10, with Super Bowl winners Buccaneers playing the Cowboys. Germany’s Jakob Johnson (Patriots) and Amon-Ra St. Brown (Lions) is hoping for a successful season. American football may seem complicated at first, but it’s easy to understand. We reveal what … Read more

NFL: Greedy but fair – The most powerful league reaches out to Germany

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NFL Germany boss at Bucs vs. Seahawks “It’s Amazing” Alexander Steinforth, it’s finally official: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers meet the Seattle Seahawks in the first NFL game in Germany on November 13 at the Munich Allianz Arena. If you had to describe this position in one word, what would it be? Alexander Steinforth: “In just one word? It’s really very difficult! But I … Read more

NFL Finals: For the LA Rams: It’s now or never – sports news

The Los Angeles Rams are going to the Super Bowl, which takes place at their own stadium in February. The leaders took a big risk for this. Stuttgart – In Los Angeles, dreams take shape and often come true. In the northwestern part of the city is the world’s largest factory for all kinds of … Read more

Football coach Jon Gruden: Racist, homophobic, misogyny – Sports

Jon Gruden is no longer the coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. On the one hand, it is very surprising news; the legendary football franchise had offered a full $ 100 million guarantee over ten seasons, and Gruden’s fourth season got off to a promising start with three early victories, including against title contenders Baltimore … Read more

The explanatory bear: What is flag football and how does it work? – Regional

Since American football has always been a very physical and therefore injured affair – in the early years it is said that there were even fatalities and therefore also government intervention against such excesses – it was early considered to prevent this harsh physical contact. This is how touch football was first invented, where a … Read more

Questions and Answers: How College Football Works

Why do universities award sports scholarships? American universities are in close competition with each other. As college sports are very popular in the United States, attracting tens of thousands of people to the stadiums and millions of fans to watch television, sports programs are an important marketing tool for colleges. In addition, you can make … Read more

NFL Draft 2022 – live ticker: where does Malik Willis end up?

Munich – The night of April 28 begins one of the most important weekends for the NFL franchise. In the 2022 NFL Draft, the most coveted college players move to the NFL. ProSieben MAXX broadcasts the first round of the draft live (the night from Thursday to Friday from 01.40), the other days can be … Read more

“Esume has a fantastic vision”

Munich / Frankfurt – Kirk Heidelberg has already achieved a lot in German football. As a coach, the now 64-year-old won the German championship twice. Now the Native American is starting a new adventure – the European League of Football. Before the start of the new league season (live on ProSieben MAXX and from … Read more